We are a collaboration of ideas, artwork, creative thinking and literature.

If you have any of the above, you can send them to us and they will have the opportunity to be published in a zine.

Generally speaking a zine is published as a magazine format, with picking and choosing of articles, illustrations that covers a niché area. These can be published regularly or be one offs, sometimes they are books or journals but can take on other forms. They usually contain original material, sometimes giving a new way to look at a topic with the individuals opinions, writing and display.

The zine proposed by neutrinos42 will be available as a download and a printed format (210mm × 290mm in size), published quarterly and contain about 70 pages. These pages will contain artwork, stories, ideas, articles and other media we think will be exciting for our readers.

Space ↔ Science—Fiction

Our focus will be on all things that are relating to space, science fiction and the cross over of space science fiction.

If you would like to have your work published in neutrinos42, please visit our website and use the submission forms, to tells us more about you and your work.

We are also looking for staff to help us with the zine, we have a list of vacancies and duties. It could be a great opportunity where you can help give feedback to others, perfect your editing skills, sharpen your writing skills, become adept in your researching skills and be involved in an energetic creative experience.