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Is the zine printed?

The zine can be downloaded in a PDF version or you can order a paper printed copy.

Can I help create the zine?

Yes, you can either submit your own work or apply to be staff.

Where can I find out about your copyright policy?

We have written up a copyright guide for you to look over before submitting work.

Your rights seem a little unclear. Can you explain how the Author retains copyright but neutrinos42 has exclusive use?

This is so we can create promotional materials advertising your work in the zine. Possible creating quote artwork, cross platform advertising and pointing to the zine.
The exclusivity also comes in to use to prevent neutrinos42 from having to remove the work because a contract with 3rd party agreed to by the author granting them exclusivity rights to prior and future use.

Do I have to pay for my work to be published in the zine?

No. Your work will be displayed at no financial cost to you. We advice you avoid any publications that require you to pay them to publish your work.